Use multiple conditions in aura:if on lightning component

Prerequisites : basic understanding of Lightning Components.

aura:if evaluates the isTrue expression on the server and instantiates components in either it’s body or else attribute. Only one branch is created and rendered. Switching condition unrenders and destroys the current branch and generates the other

In aura:if tag we can not use [&& ,AND ,||, OR] operator for use multiple conditions in isTrue attribute, but…. we can use logical Functions in aura:if tag like or(), and() . in this sample code we can see how to use multiple Boolean conditions in aura:if tag.


How to Switch GitHub or Bitbucket account

If you are using two GitHub / Bitbucket Account in single system. Then you will get 403 error while pushing your code to your online repository.

Go to Setting.

Credential Manager.

Windows Credential.

Generic Credential.

Edit your GitHub or Bitbucket Details or Remove and Add new details.

Some Useful Git Command

To add file: git add filename

To Commit: git commit

To Check the status: git status

To Save you change (back to last commit): git reset HEAD^ --soft

To Discard changes (back to last commit): git reset HEAD^ --hard

To reset to the last commit: git reset --soft HEAD~

To stash all the changes in the working tree: git stash

To get your changes back: git stash pop

To remove the specified files from the next commit: git reset HEAD

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