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Hypercoins are a special STANDARD used for minting new custom cryptos you can swap without any exchange platform. In order to swap them, the two coin-contracts must be connected to each others.

HyperLayer is the network emerging form HyperCoins connections. A graph of growing complexity. A network we can browse coin by coin just connecting to a single coin contract and looking for its Partnerships, like real links in a classic hypertext.

Partnerships aren't only "nominal", when two Hypercoin contracts are joined, they become a real Autonomous MetaExchange Platform (no need of third party contracts/platforms). For this, we can consider the HyperLayer like a unique global HyperExchange, a layer of autonomous trading independent by anyone and any third party technology.

A growing Autonomous Cloud of Cryptos where coins are NEVER delisted from the market.

You can Mint your very own custom HyperCoin here: xxx.

After minting it will be instantly visible on the HypeLayer here: http://etherscape.io