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Detect your coin:

alt text

They will appear on the screen. Click on the coin you want to start the ICO of.

If you are the owner of the clicked coin, etherscape will show you the CONTROL PANEL BUTTON:

alt text

Now we want to start your ICO:

alt text

We describe here the FIXED PRICE ICO (flexy ICO will come before the launch):

The first step is to set the cost of a single coin: ATTENTION, the next operations aren't reversible!

alt text

When you set the price , the "transacting-icon" will show up:

alt text

Once the transaction is performed, it's time to set a bonus PERCENTAGE for early birds:

alt text

Wait the transaction to be over, then decide how long the bonus should last (counted in Ethereum Blockchain Blocks, where 6000 block are more or less 1 day). If the bonus will last only 24h, write 6000, otherwise just put your favorite amount of blocks.

alt text

Once the transaction is done, the GREAT moment is HERE: Set the duration of your ICO in blocks (example: 30 days = 6000*30 = 180000 blocks)

ATTENTION: once you click the ICO will START immediately (take your time, no rush)

alt text

Congratulations! Your ICO is now live! Once the ICO-END-BLOCK will be reached, it will be time to END YOUR ICO. It is necessary to end the ICO in order to start trading the coin on the HyperLayer. Once the end block is reached, anyone can trigger the END ICO function. Just rememeber to enter the ICO control panel and END the ICO after the end block is reached.

alt text

Now you can check your ICO page (where your customers will buy your cryptos) Click on your coin on the screen, then click on the ICO button:

alt text

And now advertise your ICO everywhere!

NOTE: you can change your ICO page background: click on your coin, click on the control panel button, choose SETTINGS, and upload the URL of a remote image on the BACKGROUND field.


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Hypercoins are a special STANDARD used for minting new custom cryptos you can swap without any exchange platform. In order to swap them, the two coin-contracts must be connected to each others.

HyperLayer is the network emerging form HyperCoins connections. A graph of growing complexity. A network we can browse coin by coin just connecting to a single coin contract and looking for its Partnerships, like real links in a classic hypertext.

Partnerships aren't only "nominal", when two Hypercoin contracts are joined, they become a real Autonomous MetaExchange Platform (no need of third party contracts/platforms). For this, we can consider the HyperLayer like a unique global HyperExchange, a layer of autonomous trading independent by anyone and any third party technology.

A growing Autonomous Cloud of Cryptos where coins are NEVER delisted from the market.

You can Mint your very own custom HyperCoin here: xxx.

After minting it will be instantly visible on the HypeLayer here:


< back to menu is a web3.js interface

It can be used to:

  • Connect to existing Hypercoins on the Ethereum computer
  • Browse the HyperLayer
  • Manage your hypercoin ICO functions
  • Connect to the trade/swap functions of all hypercoins
  • Manage/Interact with your coin community
  • Communicate
  • Socialize

NOTE: All the informations emerging from interface are collected in real time from the ethereum platform. Etherscape has no control over those informations.

GitHub – maxxflyer