So after ending tutorials in C++ and becoming more stupid then i was before i decide to learn secound language and that langage is Python :) After C++ learning process was nice and faster than before. Actually im starting with building this game of life project. My gui will be tkinter, pretty intuitive piece of library :) So wish me luck.

Here we go!

Alright. My name is Rafal and im an it worker. I want try something new and try me in coding :) Actually i learn c++ and now i read about object coding in c++ Beside this i try solving problems on spoj and thinking about my first project. I suppose it will be game of life because i think it is cool idea to creata artificial life with your own hands :D

But to do this i need knowledge about object oriented programming so i must be patient and complete course about it.

Ok for now its all. Sorry for my englisch im not very fluent in this and this blog is my way to increase my language skills too :)

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