Sharing a new version of paint experiment.


  1. Splash texture is processed and transformed into a two-dimensional array of alpha-channel values. Since I'm only going to use single-colored splashes, I removed coloring information from splash texture. Coloring is now done later when drawing on the texture.
  2. Added normal map to the shader. Normal map is only displayed where the paint is (see the screenshot below)
  3. Made a paint projectile that blows up and leaves splashes on collision
  4. Most settings are now handled by PaintProjectileManager singleton
  5. Texture size can now be manually assigned. I tried to find an automated solution to having similar splash size on any object, but could not find one
  6. Got rid of overlapping

What's next

Faced a performance issue: drawing time is significant and lowers the FPS for a moment, which irritates the eye. I suspect trying to run it on a mobile platform will make it even worse. What I'd like to do is significantly lower the splash map resolution and avoid using splash textures. Instead, I plan on blending the splash map with some randomized texture and then thresholding the result. Something like: scrn3.png