Instructions are specific to the VRM coin, but can be used for any Scrypt2 coin or similar

  • Download the Verium Wallet and install on your personal computer or sign up for an online wallet. Once you have a VRM wallet create a receiving address and make a note of it.

  • Sign up to a mining pool such as, you can find lists of pools on reddit or bitcointalk. Add a worker, note down your user name, worker name & worker password. Also set your wallet receiving address up to ensure payouts go you your wallet.

  • The help page on the mining site will tell you the commands needed for mining, in this case it was:

./veriumMiner/cpuminer -o stratum+tcp://
-O WebLogin.WorkerName:WorkerPassword
  • Go to Azure and provision a new Linux server and open the mining port, in this case 3032

  • SSH to the server and run the following commands:

sudo git clone
cd veriumMinerInstaller/
sudo chmod +x vMinstaller_linux
sudo ./vMinstaller_linux
  • Confirm you want the installer to run and fill in the required information, for the example above it would be:
port: 3032
username: Weblogin
workername: Workername
workerpassword: WorkerPassword
  • When the install is complete cd into the ‘miner’ directory

  • Run the Linux ‘screen’ command to open a session you can detach from without killing the mining process and call ./RunMe to begin mining. note Ctrl+A+D will detach from the screen and leave the mining running and screen –r will reattach

  • Coins will be earned based on shares of the mining power you contribute between block rewards and the pool will keep your coins by default unless you withdraw them or set an auto pay out amount

  • If the mining does not work check that the ports are open on azure and also take a look at the RunMe file and make sure it looks like:

./veriumMiner/cpuminer -o stratum+tcp://
-O WebLogin.WorkerName:WorkerPassword
  • Don’t forget there is only any value in doing this if the server is free, as the hash rate is terrible even on a specific CPU mining coin. Azure offers £150 free credit to use in the first month and both GCP and AWS offer some free processing too.

  • Windows instructions are broadly similar, just download the Windows Verium miner, but using Linux is slightly cheaper on most cloud services.

  • You can also run this on a personal computer at home, but take into account the coins you will earn vs electricity cost, it may be cheaper just to buy the coins ☺️

  • At the time of writing an Azure F2 4vCPU 8Gb server was earning 1 VRM, worth around $13, every 8 days.

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