Charging is something that has become an integral part of out lives and the reason for that is because we have many devices that require charging. However, with that said, there’s quite a lot that we don’t know about charging our electronics. Most of us just use USB wall chargers and even though that makes sense because they have many USB charging ports and powerful charging speed; there’s simply more to charging than just those.

Instead, we live in an age where charging electronics are very innovative and there are types that are able to make your life a lot easier.

Power banks

Powe banks are the fastest growing charging electronics on the market. The reason for that is because power banks are portable chargers and they’re able to charge your smartphones and tablets while we’re on-the-go. We no longer have to be tied down by USB chargers with power banks and that is highly convenient as we have places to be and things to do.

With that said, the increasing popularity of power banks, it also means that there are quite a lot of different types of power banks on the market. Two of the main ones are low and high capacity power banks. These power banks are ones that are the basis of all portable chargers.

Power banks that are small

Power banks that have low power capacities are among the most used types, and the reason for that is because they’re the smallest. Having a low capacity means that there are fewer batteries being used, as well as smaller batteries. These types of power banks are so small that they’re able to fit into your pocket and you can even hold them while charging your smartphone while walking around.

However, these power banks with their low power capacities are really only able to charge most smartphones only a single time. They also only have a single charging port which means that you can only charge a single device at a time.

Larger Types of Power Banks

High capacity power banks aren’t nearly as used because these types of power banks are ones that are larger and heavier. With that said, even though these power banks aren’t able to fit into your pocket and neither are you able to hold them for longer periods of time; these power banks hold lots of power.

That’s because they have power capacities that are able to charge smartphones and tablets multiple times over. As well as having many charging ports and that results in these power banks being able to charge multiple devices at once.

Surge Protectors with USB Ports

Surge Protectors are thought to be appliances that are used to power more appliances because they have lots of AC Outlet on them. That is correct. Surge Protectors are very useful for powering many devices at once and one of the most used types of electronics with a Surge Protector is USB wall chargers. That’s a problem because when you use a USB wall charger with a Surge Protector then that takes up an Outlet that could have been used for something else. Also, when you use a USB charger, you run the risk of covering up surrounding AC outlets as well.

That is why Surge Protectors with USB charging ports exist. These ones are the most useful of them all because it’s basically like having a USB wall charger directly on the Surge Protector and you no longer have to use a USB wall charger anymore. The best part about them is that most Surge Protectors with USB ports have quite a lot and we’re talking about 4-6 charging ports. They also use special charging tech like Quick Charge that is able to charge compatible devices at max charging speeds.

Solar Chargers

The most reliable source of power is the sun and or basically light energy and that’s because it’s an endless amount of power. In this case, Solar power can be used for charging purposes and that’s with Solar chargers. Solar chargers have multiple large Solar panels that are able to harness light energy and then it transfers it into charging power.

Solar chargers are most useful for use in the outdoors and the reason for that is because you’ll be able to get as much Solar power as possible. The best thing about Solar chargers is that you’re able to place them on your back pack and charge your smartphone while you’re hiking or camping in the outdoors.